We at Resolv love our strength training tweeters. We wake up to Adam Bornstein’s no-frills advice; take our afternoon coffee with a dash of Men’s Fitness; and fall asleep to the soothing melody of Jillian Michael’s life musings.

However, we’re not the only ones who follow these Twitter influencers. Often, we read an interesting fitness tip or idea on Twitter and text it to our friends, only to be told, “Um, yeah, we all know that. Fitness Magazine retweeted the article 49 seconds ago."

So, we set out on a quest to find some hidden gems.

Our selection process was simple:

  1. The handles had to have fewer than 20K followers (~0.006% of all active accounts)
  2. They had to post at least once a week
  3. Their content had to have little to no product promotion
  4. They had to have great advice

Oh, and we gave extra points to those who seemed like genuinely good people.

The process involved keyword searches on Twitter and reading through tons of (mostly boring) content (#protip: how many squats you did this morning is not tweet-worthy).

And did we find any secret handles?

YUP! Actually, we found 27.

They ranged from boxing coaches to nutrition experts and from one-location gyms to a brand with 20,000 employees. One even had only 260 followers and yet kept the great content flowing (cheers to you, dude).

The list is below, in no particular order. For readability, we’ve broken the article into two parts. The 2nd half can be found here.

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Ross Enamait - 5,822 Followers

Why we chose: A boxing coach and fitness author, Ross is a nice break from tweets focused on form and routines. Instead, he offers practical advice on how to have a fit lifestyle, such as how much sleep you should get, how to turn any moment into a workout, and how to keep pushing yourself. His handle is one of our favorites on the list.

Fun Fact: He once tweeted, "You won't be remembered for what you wanted in life. You'll be remembered for what you did." Which made us immediately hope that wasn't true, because some members of the Resolv team attended way too many ABBA concerts.

Recent Tip: No one is weak because they exercise at the wrong time of day. Make sure to workout, but don't fret about when. 

Mark Rippetoe - 7,382 Followers

Why we chose: Mark Rippetoe should be called Mark Rippedtoe for all his lifting advice (we sincerely apologize for the pun). He's developer of the Starting Strength method, a barbell workout geared toward gradual load increases, as compared to high intensity ones. While we haven't tried it ourselves, our legs wouldn't mind a break from box jumps. 

Fun Fact: He has a smartphone app, and we applaud anyone using technology to make workouts more efficient. 

Recent Tip: Doing deep squats with a weight that's a little heavier each time affects your body in a way that no other exercise can. 

Jessi Kneeland - 2,289 Followers

Why we chose: Jessi Kneeland, founder of Remodel Fitness, wins the Resolv Gold Award for her kick-ass efforts helping women find themselves through fitness and wellbeing. Writing with energy, intelligence, and empathy, she has the type of advice that's beneficial to any gender. 

Fun Fact: She's super friendly in her e-mails too, so it's not a Twitter front.

Recent Tip: Stop comparing yourself to others. Who cares if he/she has abs or a toned butt. You've got a lot going for you too. 

Skill of Strength - 1,228 Followers

Why we chose: Skill of Strength may be a small gym in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, but it does an amazing job of connecting with their fans via social media. Whether it's showing you a new type of squat or ways to increase your ankle mobility, Skill of Strength presents quite interesting advice without making their handle a promotional feed (although if you act now, you can get 50% off your membership! Just use code 'Resolv')*.

*Just kidding. Please do not do this.

Fun Fact: They had a post titled 'How Young Is Too Young to Train', which reminded us of this video, which we proceeded to watch eight more times. 

Recent Tip: Athletes should work on their deceleration as well as their acceleration to gain alacrity and minimize injury risk.

Natalie Jill - 15,700 Followers

Why we chose: We love Natalie for two main reasons: (1) her advice is through videos (admit it, YouTube has sent our attention spans into a downward spiral) and (2) she has a masterful awareness of timing. At night she'll post an 'evening quickie' routine involving flutter kicks, and the next day after lunch you'll get an 'afternoon abs session'. Her tweets focus around these short breaks, so gear up for a handle that'll make you rethink how you spend the next five minutes. 

Fun Fact: Her tweets will forever reshape your view of your surroundings. See that sofa? It can be a workout tool. See that building's wall? That too. See that pitcher of Yuengling? Well, no, that's still just wishful thinking. 

Recent Tip: Don't work toward looking better. Work toward being stronger. You'll feel more empowered that way.

Tony Gentilcore - 19,100 Followers

Why we chose: Tony ekes by onto our list, with close to the 20K cap. Which we're glad about, because you don't want to miss his tips on form and avoiding the mistakes that lead to inefficient workouts. He's also an accomplished writer and motivator, with articles in magazines like Thrillist and Men's Health.  

Fun Fact: Tony's love of Star Wars is obvious, from making Ewok analogies in his tweets to mentioning lightsabers in his bio. We always like to see athletes and coaches who aren't afraid to admit we're all a little bit nerdy.

Recent Tip: For better squat form, visualize yourself cracking a walnut between your glutes. Or, better yet, actually do it. Nutcrackers aren't as cheap as they used to be. 

Abs Workouts & Tips - 1,868 Followers

Why we chose: This handle is a great source for videos about, not surprisingly, ab exercises. As you can likely tell from the name, this isn't a real person (or else his parents have a wicked sense of humor), but whatever automated tool they use to find ab workout videos is well hooked into the world wide web. Please don't be fooled into thinking that you can get a ripped midsection by some special blend of ab exercises and voodoo -- spot training doesn't work! That said, if you're looking for a steady stream of advice to help work your core then follow these folks.

Fun Fact: Their profile pic is a shirtless selfie, and no fitness article is complete without one. Here's to you, absguide.

Recent Tip: To fight ab fat, try Gurmar leaves. Just don't ask us what the heck a Gurmar plant is.

Nia Shanks - 8,783 Followers

Why we chose: With a focus on health and fitness advice for women, Nia has created a movement called 'Lift Like a Girl'. She also calls herself a 'moonwalker', although it's unclear if that means she likes Michael Jackson or was once an astronaut in the 1960s. We recommend following her if you're interested in advice on how to be a stronger person in every sense of the term.

Fun Fact: Her company's name impressively takes a negative phrase and transforms it into something to be proud of. 

Recent Tip: For beginners, start with exercises with a low learning curve that also have great returns. For instance, a dumbbell curl has a low curve but isn't efficient. Try goblet squats instead. 

Nick Tumminello - 4,680 Followers

Why we chose: Coach Nick T bestows you with a mix of personal wisdom and strength training advice, regardless of your level. He's a solid addition to your Twitter feed, especially if you're interested in tips like '5 drills that are better than the prowler' and 'The truth about Olympic lifts'. 

Fun Fact: Nick 'trains the trainers', making him the most 'meta' person on this list. Charlie Kaufman would be proud. 

Recent Tip: Make sure to use an offset grip when doing curls.

Mitch Calvert - 1,396 Followers

Why we chose: Mitch helps guys lose 50lbs+. He also has a lovable cat named Chelsea, although it's unclear if the cat is involved in the weight loss process. Mitch's tweets deal less with strength training tips and more with the mental shifts needed to see our lives change, such as ways to remain motivated in the face of hurdles like busy days, doubt, and Sbarros. 

Fun Fact: He talks about how you can get ripped eating Frosted Flakes. It makes more sense if you read it... 

Recent Tip: Start with 'why' you want to exercise, and 'weight loss' is not a good answer. Ask yourself, why do you want to be thinner? Confidence? Health? Inspiring others?

Melissa Bender - 3,678 Followers

Why we chose: Another trainer whose medium is visual, Melissa offers (almost) daily videos of routines that'll get you stronger in the comfort of your own home. They are well-made, and the variety of the exercises will keep you coming back for more.

Fun Fact: She teaches babies to do yoga. Gives a whole new meaning to 'Child's Pose'.

Recent Tip: Own a jumprope. If you don't have one, stop reading this article and go buy one (well, read this article to the end then go...).

Q by Equinox - 3,048 Followers

Why we chose: Well-written and produced, these tweets from Equinox should appeal to anyone looking to stay healthy. Topics range from whether you should be using fitness mattresses to why standing desks don't work. There's also a post about what's really in your coffee, which we didn't read since we consider our coffee machine to be a co-founder. 

Fun Fact: They once wrote about the health benefits of horror films. Finally, you can justify re-watching 'Bride of Chucky' when you don't feel like running.

Recent Tip: Turn down the temperature when you sleep. Athletes tend to sweat more at night due to higher metabolic activity.

Taylor Ryan - 2,237 Followers

Why we chose: Taylor is part nutritionist, part fitness writer, and all-around positive person. Follow her for both healthy food recipes and fitness tips. She's also not afraid to talk about uncomfortable topics if it means making you healthier. For instance, she once talked about what healthy poop does and doesn't look like.

Fun Fact: Taylor once posted a stuffed peppers recipes, which one of the Resolv founders made on a date. Taylor - if the two of them end up getting married, you'll be invited to the wedding. 

Recent Tip: Always know your 1-rep max. It's important to be aware of your limits for setting future goals.

Tony Bonvechio - 769 Followers

Why we chose: A strength coach for Cressey Sports Performance, Tony has an obsession with form. Rightfully so, as poor posture can not only negate the value of a workout, but increase the odds of injury as well. His tweets revolve around common lifting mistakes, ways to ensure core position, and other guidance on proper form. 

Fun Fact: The fact he likes the Red Sox is good enough for us, but we also like the fact he loves using memes.  

Recent Tip: Keep your elbows and wrists perpendicular to the bar when doing overhead presses at all times. 

That's it for this week's list! We hope you find at least one new handle you enjoy following. Click here for Part II.

As mentioned above, we're a new blog, and it would be AWESOME if you could help grow our presence so we can keep producing content. If you can, please share this article with friends!


- The Resolv Team