Although we love Thanksgiving, copious amounts of gravy-smothered turkey couldn't prevent us from making headway on our first product, The PowerBand.

What is The PowerBand? It's a smart resistance band that provides automatic insights into resistance band workouts - including reps done, calories burned, and how many pounds you lifted. 

Our goal isn't to pioneer strength tracking with it (as anyone who records workouts with pen and paper can tell you). But we are hoping to make it easier to track, store, and analyze that data. 

Below are some images of our progress. It would be AMAZING if you could let us know your initial thoughts on where we're headed. Like our the app screenshots? Great to know. Hate them? Also great to know.

Your feedback will ensure that when we do release the product in 2016, that it's the best it can be. You can reach out to us directly at, or add a comment at the bottom. 

PowerBand Progression

The past year has seen some dramatic changes to The PowerBand's design. We began with just cords connected to a carabiner; this morphed into handles connected to a box. Our current version (which will be used in our January beta program) now has the sensors inside the handle itself.

The process to get here was a fun and bumpy ride. For faster iterations we purchased a Formlabs Form 2 3D printer in October. Our initial trials saw some not-so-perfect results (the 3rd image looks like a melted rollercoaster, doesn't it?).

But we got there! After making some tweaks to the design, we built a working prototype. From here we stress-tested the handle to ensure it wouldn't break apart in your hands.

Alas, we discovered that our handles did not pass the stress test. So we moved to a different type of resin (the raw material of the handle) and re-tried.

This time it passed! The automatic tracking works until 110 pounds is applied (per handle), and no cracking occurred even at double that amount. Our next step is to start printing, printing, printing, and then ship our first PowerBands to our beta testers. Stayed tuned for more updates on the design of the hardware!

The Resolv Mobile App Screenshots

The smart tracking capabilities are what set The PowerBand apart from standard resistance bands. But tracking without reporting is like turkey without gravy: it's pointless on its own. So, we view the software experience as just as important as the hardware, which is why you can expect some great features from the app, including goal setting, guided exercises, workouts that sync with your phone's calendar, progress reporting, and social benchmarking.  

The Resolv™ Web Dashboard

For those who'd prefer to review progress on the computer vs a mobile device, we're also building a web dashboard that'll display key metrics in one view.

PowerBand Demo

We also put together a short film showcasing what The PowerBand can do. We'll continue to put out videos as we release new features.

We thank you again for your support of Resolv Fitness. We'd love to know your thoughts on where we're headed - or any suggestions you have to make The PowerBand better.

-The Resolv Team