The sequel has arrived! Let's just hope it's better than 'Dumb and Dumber To'.

For those who missed the first article, we discussed our quest to identify "hidden gem" Twitter accounts with both fewer than 20K followers and great content. The first piece covered 14 of them - and now we cover the remaining 13.

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Why we chose: We have never seen a person more into kettlebells than Lauren Brooks. Don't get me wrong, we think kettlebells are great workout tools, but until we started watching her videos, we didn't give them the respect they deserve. If you ever do kettle bell exercises (or want to) then we recommend following her for tips and ideas.

Fun Fact: She has a bulldog she calls Tankypoo.

Recent Tip: Bird Dog exercises are a great core workout. This is actually not a kettlebell exercise, but happened to be a great tip mixed in.

Why we chose: Jerred Moon is the founder of 'End of Three Fitness', a program for strength trainers who aren't looking to be meatheads (although, does anyone wake-up in the morning thinking, "Can't wait to be a meathead someday!"?). Clearly an intelligent person, he mixes articles about fitness recovery with Einstein quotes.

Fun Fact: One of EO3's taglines is 'we don't measure our progress by shirtless selfies'. We are pretty sure he's explicitly calling out our high-school prom photos.

Recent Tip: Focus on sticking to your workouts, not speeding through them.

Why we chose: If you're focused on building muscle, Bodybuilding Advisor gives you everything you want, especially if what you want involves images of men showing off their abs. Fortunately, they also have a good deal of useful content mixed in, making it a must-follow handle for anyone looking to gain muscle mass.

Fun Fact: Nearly everything they post is in list format ('5 Reasons Why...'), which makes them the BuzzFeed of bodybuilding advice.

Recent Tip: The Hindu push-up is great for shoulder muscle building. 

Why we chose: James Fell is as much a humorist as a fitness writer, but it's exactly that irreverent writing style that gets him featured in Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Men's Health, AskMen, and more. For instance, when he's not advising you to wrestle a wolverine so as to remove that thigh gap, he's providing honest, interesting views on how to stay fit. The combination of wit and gravitas is what makes his handle a fun one to follow.

Fun Fact: He calls Paleo the scientology of diets. Which is fitting, since everyone knows that Xenu hates bread.

Recent Tip: Accept that your body is the only one you will ever have, and treat it as your most prized possession.

Why we chose: At first we sooo didn't want to include this account, since we assumed it would be 100% product-focused. As the picture indicates, it IS the same company with the infamous Chuck Norris infomercials. The thing is, they have a really engaging, non-product-focused social presence. Recent tweets include tips on ideal rest times between sets, how exercising can fight insomnia, and ways to manage stress. We tip our hats to you, Mr. Norris (also - fun fact - when Chuck Norris benchpresses, he doesn't push the bar up; he just pushes the earth lower). 

Another Fun Fact: We checked out their 90s infomercials again and discovered that Wesley Snipes was a spokesperson too. We hope that knowledge comes in handy during a game of Trivial Pursuit one day.

Recent Tip: Don't just aimlessly walk or stand between sets. Stretch instead. 

Why we chose: Girls Gone Strong is a blog made by women for women, and is full of great content published throughout the week. Follow their Twitter handle for updates on articles that range from dispelling misconceptions about strength training during pregnancy to the one exercise that can save your life. 

Fun Fact: If we piqued your interest, that one exercise is called the TGU, or Turkish Get-Up. Watched the detailed video here

Recent Tip: Want to improve glute strength, size, and aesthetics? Practice hip thrusts. 

Why we chose: A self-professed "unapologetic opinionated generalist" and strength coach, Lee Boyce's tweets focus on short truisms that could help strength trainers of any level. Whether you prefer strong statements like 'you shouldn't base the quality of your workout on how sore you are' or simple advice like 'explosive moves aren't to be performed for high reps', you'll get a wide range of insights from the mind of a successful personal trainer. 

Fun Fact: Between strength advice he does Twitter-length movie reviews. Most recent was about The Night Before, a documentary about the Resolv Team's crazy 2014 Christmas eve.

Recent Tip: Want to instantly increase triceps involvement in your pressing movements? Squeeze harder through your pinky fingers.

Why we chose: This handle is a constant stream of videos detailing everything from proper breathing techniques (pro tip: make sure to use your lungs) to the right way to spin (pro tip 2: don't fall off the bike). The content isn't made by them, but they display a great knack for curating videos from around the internet. 

Fun Fact: You'd assume most handles with only 295 followers would wallow away in sadness, but these folks keep trucking away with many posts a day. Kudos to you.

Recent Tip: Don't forget to do knee exercises to strengthen the patella muscles and prevent knee injuries.

Why we chose: Mark Dilworth is worth every tweet. While he calls himself a weight loss expert, he could equally call himself a strength training expert. If you are having trouble losing weight, we advise you to go through his Twitter feed and check out his wise musings.

Fun Fact: His Twitter picture is a selfie, but not a shirtless one, which shows he has a lot of self-control.

Recent Tip: A strong and stable core will maximize your arm strength.

Why we chose: An ex-NFL player with 10 playoff games under his belt, John is an accomplished trainer and fitness consultant. His advice is tailored to competitive athletes, but that doesn't mean the rest of us can't benefit from his insightful blog posts and podcasts about strength ('Redefining Weakness Training') or food ('Recipe for Roasted Bone Marrow') or brain chemistry ('Why the Brain Always Chooses Ketones Over Glucose'). 

Fun Fact: John briefly played for the New England Patriots (go Pats!), but what makes him even cooler is that he loves painting with his daughter.

Recent Tip: The arm swing is a low hanging fruit for improving speed development for all athletic levels.

Why we chose: Jason is our first departure from traditional strength training. With a focus instead on 'strength running', he offers tips on building lower-body muscle in order to run faster marathons. An important aspect of his advice is around injury management and prevention, which is important because it's estimated that nearly 70% of runners get injured in their lifetimes. Except for Chuck Norris, of course. When he runs, it's the pavement that gets injured. (Okay, that's the last Chuck joke, we promise). 

Fun Fact: Jason has run a 2:39 marathon. To put that in perspective, if you sat down and watched The Fellowship of the Ring, Jason could have run an entire marathon AND napped for 1 hr and 17 minutes by the time you were done. 

Recent Tip: The secret to being a good runner? It's simple: more mileage!

Why we chose: This handle taps into Right Relevance, a tool for discovering new content on Twitter. In this case, 'Strength TRRain' pings you whenever a relevant article pertaining to 'strength training' makes their list. Expect interesting articles from around the Twittersphere to pop up, including '5 Bench Press Variations That Are Better Than The Bench Press' and 'Southern Miss Announces $1.6M Upgrade of Football Locker Rooms'.  

Fun Fact: Their handle spells 'Train' as 'TRRain', probably because of the 'Right Relevance' connection. Nonetheless, we applaud their CRReativity.

Recent Tip: You're only as strong as your weakest muscle group.

Why we chose: Breaking Muscle is the Nicholas Cage of strength training content. Like Cage, Breaking Muscle is extremely prolific, putting out daily articles that always make you stop and think. But unlike Cage, those thoughts aren't, "Why, oh why, did he make another terrible film?" (if you like Cage, #sorrynotsorry). This handle is really one of the best for honest, thoughtful advice from coaches and lifters, as compared to marketing folks regurgitating the same guidance. Some recent articles include 'Make Gains Like a Beginner: Novelty and Hypertrophy' and 'CrossFitters: 5 Steps to Immediately Improve Your Weightlifting'. 

Fun Fact: They have an article called 'A Qualified Defense of Puking in CrossFit'.  

Recent Tip: So many! Here's one: prioritize your tricep stretching after any arm workout to minimize risk of injury.

That's it for the 27 secret Twitter handles that'll make you stronger. 

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- The Resolv Team