Music is the cornerstone of a good workout. Ever tried going without headphones at the gym? All you hear are grunts, dropped weights, and somebody inevitably saying, "Oh yeah, I've been here for three hours, brah."

Below is a workout mix we've liked recently. Very few of the songs came out in 2015, but all have within the last few years. While our grandparents wouldn't call them 'oldies', perhaps they are, since in this technological age, things move quickly.

Music tastes will always vary person-to-person, but hopefully this selection of indie and pop rock hits gives you the energy for that extra workout session. We recommend starting with 'Ain't No Rest for the Wicked', a high-tempo song about prostitution and theft, so it's guaranteed to pump you up. We also couldn't hold back from adding two songs named 'Dangerous' - both of which are fueled by strong techno beats that'll get your muscles pumping.


-The Resolv Team

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